• EULIS-PNL Workshop

    1-3 November 2018, Timisoara, Romania

Welcome to the EULIS-PNL Workshop

The workshop aims to convene the best of the best in the field for the highly-significant scientific exchange of the latest advances in ureteroscopic management of kidney and ureteral calculi.

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new “EULIS educational and training workshop for PNL”.

The workshop will cover most aspects of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNL), from basic principles to clinical applications. Internationally recognised experts from the EULIS board and working groups will generously share their profound knowledge and expertise.

Focused on PNL, this EULIS standardised workshop will provide useful and complex updates on indications, surgical techniques, complications and limitations of the renal stones percutaneous approach. Various types of PNL procedures will be performed during live surgery sessions and analysed in panel debates. Combined intrarenal surgery (ECIRS) using the nephroscope and the digital flexible ureterorenoscope will be demonstrated live.

Clinical cases discussions and unedited video sessions presenting a diverse variety of clinical situations will enhance the participants’ perspective on PNL. Hot topics such as “prone vs supine” and “standard vs miniaturised” will be addressed during the lectures, as well as, the relevant topics on complications management, puncture technique, radiation exposure and stone-free status assessment. Hands-on training sessions will offer the chance for the participants to boost their practical skills as useful “tips and tricks” will be presented by the experts.

This must-attend workshop will deliver a highly-educational experience dedicated to expand the knowledge of participants on PNL.

We look forward to meeting you in Timișoara!

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The top 3 reasons not to miss the EULIS-PNL Workshop

Watch skilful live surgeries


Learn and observe the surgical techniques of recognised specialists who will share their expertise and useful “tips and tricks” on percutaneous management of renal stones.

Receive cutting-edge updates


Upgrade your knowledge with key updates and insights from leading experts through educational panel discussions, thought-provoking debates, state-of-the-art presentations, unedited video sessions and HOT courses.

Meet renowned experts


Exchange scientific information with key opinion leaders, ask your questions and clarify your weak spots. Deliberate and take position on hot topics on PNL, discuss with your colleagues, and benefit from the knowledge of internationally renowned experts.